So you're the owner of 3.14 Bakery. Can I assume your bakery specializes in pi? Are you looking to corner the coveted math-geek market?

Being a math geek myself, I feel like a native to the math-geek market. Often, people don't get the name. Last week, a lady bought three pies—one on Monday, one on Tuesday, and one on Wednesday. She said our pies are so good, we should call ourselves the "Pie Bakery"! Then there was the guy who thought 3.14 was a reference to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Ah yes, that famous mathematician. I sometimes get a birthday pie instead of a birthday cake. Which pie would you recommend for this purpose?

When is your birthday?

April 26.

That's the beginning of rhubarb season. If you had a fall birthday, I'd say apple.

What inspired your particular love of pie?

Baking is therapeutic. You have a bad day, come home and make a pie. Who can feel bad when there's a homemade pie in the house?

Does it bother you when pies are destroyed in slapstick comedy?

I do mourn a little bit, but they're probably store-bought, so it's not quite so bad. recommended