First of all, 13 years? Jesus.


Yeah, I got hired during the E. coli situation in the '90s and just stuck around. Same location and everything. But I get to see people smile all day long. That's my pay. God knows the money's not there. [Laughs]

So under proper circumstances, feces can spread E. coli and happiness. How about those brand-new in-store televisions? Are they spreading happiness?

The customers like the TVs, but they complain about the channel.

What channel are the TVs turned to?

Jack TV. It's just commercials about Jack and eating at Jack in the Box. We're requesting that they be tuned to football during football season, and just show Jack TV during commercial breaks.

What's the point of showing Jack TV to customers already eating in your restaurant? Do you think people trust their stomachs more, or television?

I don't know. I guess customers really liked Jack, so they figured they'd show him all the time. I really like the TVs.

What else do you like here after 13 years?

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The fish and chips, and flexible hours.

Fish and chips aside, what food does your palate crave most?Pagliacci. Their pizza is great.