What's in season right now?

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We're in between seasons at the moment, but citruses are coming out soon, and these jumbo Honeycrisp apples are ripe and delicious.

Is their jumbo size a product of science?

Actually, farmers overwater the apples, which is why they grow so large. They are literally bloated with water and extra juicy.

What's the most valuable lesson you've learned about produce since you've worked here?

It sounds simple, but organic is the way to go. The other day I was polishing plums in my palm, and afterward my hand got all red and rashy. That's why we usually use towels to polish the fruit. After working here for three years, I'm a little concerned about all of the pesticides I've been exposed to. The least I can do is not pay to put them in my body.

I think Pluots are freakish. Can you confirm or deny this?

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I love Pluots. They taste wonderful. But I'm a little less enthusiastic about Grapples—Fuji apples spliced with Concord grapes, so when you bite into the apple it tastes like a grape.