What does your logo, a silhouette of a skateboarder being towed by a cat on a leash, have to do with doughnuts? There's no cat in the doughnuts, is there?

You'd expect to see a guy on a skateboard being pulled by a dog, but not a cat. It's like our doughnuts, a new twist on a classic. No cats were harmed in the making of these doughnuts!

What did your topping-selection process entail, besides eating probably hundreds of doughnuts?

We experimented with different spices and sugar blends, and with presentation, just to see how they looked. We solicited a lot of friends to try them.

Have customers proposed any noteworthy toppings?

We've been talking about playing with certain herbs and spices.

Like what?

We'll have to keep that a secret. For National Doughnut Day, we had apple with caramel and Pop Rocks.

Wow. What's your most popular dusting/sauce combination?

There are a lot of requests for caramel and ginger. A certain group seems to like the vanilla pudding and Nerds.

Which group?

People involved professionally with social media and communications.

Interesting! Does working at a mobile bakery make you wish other things in your life could instantly relocate?

It's been really fun, all the people we get to meet and talk to. It makes me wish I lived in an Airstream with wings that runs on biofuel. recommended