This list was found on the floor of Pho Bac, on a piece of paper also bearing a doodle of a flower.

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10 Reasons I Love Pho

1. I like to have pho for breakfast because it's warm. It is made with rice noodles, meat, onions but I don't like them, bean sprouts, broth, and spices. Onions are putrid.

2. But you can have pho anytime. Pho is a Vietnamese soup and if you eat it every day you will have good health and be lucky. Maybe you will find a lucky diamond. Or a horse you can name lucky diamond.

3. I am lactose intolerant.

4. My favorite type of pho is beef pho that my mom makes.

5. My best friend is not allowed to eat meat. But she is not stupid, even though she also cannot use chopsticks.

6. Pho pho pho.

7. Pho is good at keeping colds away. It cures coughs!!!

8. My birthday is in November. Do you know what I am having at my birthday party?

9. You guessed it!!! Pho!!!

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10. This is because ___________. [underline left blank on paper]

List found by Cienna Madrid