There is a stereotype that gamers drink nothing but Mountain Dew and Red Bull. Which drinks have been most popular so far?

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We can't keep the Georgetown Lucille on tap; we're always running out of that keg. It's an IPA. But we do have Mountain Dew in a gun and Bawls Guarana energy drink.

Serving alcohol in a Card Kingdom seems like a way to lure people into gaming. Are nongamers likely to wake up the next morning with throbbing headaches in piles of pewter D&D figurines?

Absolutely—that's part of our goal. Besides providing a place for the gaming community, we want to out the closet gamers and attract new gamers. We want to find that one gateway game that will get someone into it.

Do you serve snacks inside plastic sheaths to protect rare Magic cards?

[Laughs] It's "play at your own risk." The best we can offer is a coaster. Our rumaki, which is water chestnuts or pineapple wrapped in bacon, would be a good choice because you only have to touch the skewer.

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Do you recommend particular snacks for different games?

If you're playing Magic, I'd go with grilled cheese bites or rumaki. If you're playing something longer, like Settlers of Catan, I'd suggest the steak sandwich—something that will fill you up and give you the carbs you need. [Laughs] Of course, lots of beer with both. recommended

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