World Pizza was a Belltown staple in the '90s. What made you want to reopen in the International District, besides the availability of essential pizza toppings like yakisoba noodles and lychee fruit?

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Aaron: [Laughs] We wanted a place that felt like our old neighborhood.

Adam: We didn't realize how rapidly Belltown would change when gentrification set in.

How did you decide to reopen?

Adam: When we closed, we were young and wanted to do a million things. We did them! We saved our ovens with the intention of reopening.

Aaron, has 15 years as an antique dealer changed how you make pizzas?

Aaron: I saw some hoarding situations, which made me want to do things more simply. For instance, our old sausage company closed, so we've gone completely vegetarian.

How does your menu today compare with the day you closed?

Adam: For one thing, our grandmother moved, so our cookies are no longer delivered from Ravenna in a Camaro.

Your drink menu includes Rainier, Fanta, and Kool-Aid. Explain how you selected this assortment to reassure me you haven't been in my refrigerator.

Aaron: [Laughs] We have!

Adam: They're classics that go well with pizza. We grew up on Kool-Aid.

Aaron: When we opened, we drank a package of grape Kool-Aid left over from our old location with Mike from Via Tribunali. recommended

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