If you've never heard of Spin the Bottle, you've had your head buried up your ass since 1997. That's when Bret Fetzer, former artistic director of the Annex Theatre, launched this late night grab-bag cabaret, featuring a monthly rotating cast of the best local standup, 60-second theater pieces, Kabuki puppetry, body painting, music, dance, spoken word, film, and ham juggling to be found in Seattle. This month features a stuffed- animal codependent, a short production of smut-theater, as well as puppets, drag queens, and golden pipes. This event may not be straight-up standup, but it's always amusing. Annex Theatre, 11 pm, $10.

And now let's Ask a Comedian a Question!, a new subcolumn of this column that I just invented, where I ask one comedian to ask another comedian a perplexing question about life. Today, comedians Jesse Case and BFF Brett Hamil tackle wedding toasts, "hammerthumbs," and if Jesse is famous yet:

Brett: Which made you more nervous: giving the "funny" best man toast at my wedding or appearing on national TV?

Jesse: I'd have to say the wedding. It was a lot of pressure following your mother-in-law crying. That was hilarious! Now I'll ask you a question: Brett, you have a podcast. Why?

Brett: I started Ham Radio with Brett Hamil as a way to cope with my best friend and collaborator (you) moving to LA, knowing that you'd soon become an insufferable douche.

Jesse: What's the deal with your thumbs?

Brett: Really? That's your question? They're called hammerthumbs and they're perfectly functional.

Jesse: They look like toe-thumbs.

Brett: You're fascinated by my hammerthumbs. Why?

Jesse: It's the juxtaposition. You're so normal looking and then BOOM, freak-show thumbs, out of nowhere.

Brett: You once appeared on Last Comic Standing for about 12 seconds. How would you like to be remembered when you're gone?

Jesse: Hey, it was 15 seconds at least! That level of exposure gave me literally tens of fans! But I'd like to be remembered for my breakthroughs in jazz fusion.

Brett: You also appear in a recurring segment on my podcast called "Is Jesse Famous Yet?" A lot of people ask me if it's for real. What do you think?

Jesse: It doesn't matter if it's real or not. The answer continues to be "no." My career sucks, dude. Let's go get ice cream!

Jesse and Brett will be co-headlining at Laughs Comedy Spot in Kirkland on Thurs March 8 at 8:30 pm and opening for Andy Kindler at Laughs on Fri–Sat March 9–10 at 8 and 10 pm.