Seth Olenick


Well isn't this just cuter than a sleeping bag full of bubble gum! Every Friday during the lunch hour, Odd Duck Studios hosts Brown Bag Comedy—snacks are sold, two comics perform potentially lunch-related jokes, whiskey is consumed, then everyone goes back to work (or, you know, more whiskey!). Guests are encouraged to bring outside food and share some adorably weird midday laughs. Performer and fan Emmett Montgomery says it has "a lot of heart." CUTE. Odd Duck Studio, 12:10 pm, $5, 15+.

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Marc Maron is a treasure—a brilliant open wound. His hugely popular WTF podcast is like a comedy master class, only more abusive and not at all encouraging. Maron and his neuroses interview comics about their lives, their acts, their pasts, their philosophies on comedy, and why their success annoys him so much. Also, cats. His live shows are just as honest, illuminating, and brutal. And funny. Let me not forget funny. This show will be painful and great. Laughs Comedy Spot, 8 pm, $20, 18+.