Jan Drago tried to win The Stranger's endorsement by telling us she votes with our favorite city council member, Nick Licata, "about 90 percent of the time." Hmmm? As far as we can tell, Drago never votes with Licata when it counts. Drago voted against most of Licata's trademark legislation: nixing a Seattle bid for the Olympics, saving the monorail board, amending the parks exclusion ordinance, amending the impound ordinance, killing the noise ordinance, stopping the city council from wasting $21 million on a new aquarium, repealing the teen dance ordinance, putting the kibosh on raising campaign contributions. Nay, nay, nay from Drago.

Drago also tried to torpedo City Council Member and badass renter Judy Nicastro. Drago was one of just three council members (joining brainiacs Jim Compton and Richard McIver) to vote against Nicastro's excellent renters' bill of rights. The ordinance included a tenants' right to organize. "I had problems with making landlords allow meetings," Drago told The Stranger.

Heck, Drago was a drag even before we had Licata or Nicastro to compare her with. A cheerleader for corporate welfare, Drago helped funnel nearly $100 million to downtown interests, in the form of city-backed loans, special grants, and direct spending in the mid-'90s. Drago also signed off on a slew of Sidran ordinances in the early '90s (the poster ban, no panhandling, no sidewalk sitting).

Don't give Drago another four years. Eight is enough.

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