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You just got those huge boxes of CDs from the replicator and you are so freaking psyched! They're taking up so much room in your apartment and you're so proud and you want everyone to have them, but you're out a bunch of money, so instead of just giving 'em away, you should probably try to, like, sell them. What do you do?

Independent bands or labels often can't afford a contract with a distributor. Your band is small potatoes. Which is okay, because you can say fuck you to those big turds and do it your damn self.

All of Seattle's major independent record stores take CDs on consignment. Walk in, drop off a listening copy and a one sheet with some info about your band and your upcoming shows, and maybe a sweet picture. Easy.

"If you're a band that I've seen in the paper playing out, I might not even listen to your CD until later; I'll just accept the consignment," says Troy Nelson, consignment master for Easy Street in Queen Anne. "If I've never heard of you, I'll listen to it and decide if it's something we can sell. We are an indie store, so if your CD is kind of Celine Dion–with-bongos adult contemporary, we probably can't sell it. We don't reject much, though."

Now you're gonna make a zillion dollars, right? Well, first you should probably try and cover your costs. "The first thing I ask bands is, 'How much do you plan on selling it for?'" says Mike Batt of Silver Platters. "They don't usually know the answer because they don't know what they're doing. Then I ask them, 'How much do you need to make [per CD] to cover your costs?' and then we figure out a price based on that. You don't want to be selling it for different amounts in different stores or when you're playing because that makes you look stupid." And no one wants to look dumb with their shiny new CD! recommended