The Ethicist Package

Every week Randy Cohen—the Ethicist—untangles ethical dilemmas for readers of the New York Times Magazine. His columns are witty, his insights are inspired, and his mailbag is filled to overflowing. Like all successful advice columnists, Cohen gets more questions than he could ever possibly answer. That's why this package is so remarkable! The winner of this auction item will be able to e-mail Cohen personally, and your question will jump to the head of the line! Cohen will turn his full attention to your ethical dilemma, and respond to you personally! Priceless! Opening bid: $1.99!

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Ira Glass Package

Every week Ira Glass makes radio superstars out of ordinary Americans on his ground-breaking, award-winning, ass-kicking Public Radio International program, This American Life. Now it's your turn! The winner of this amazing package will be interviewed over the phone by Glass from the studios of WBEZ in Chicago. Glass will mail you a cassette recording of your superstar conversation, along with a selection of This American Life swag! Priceless! Opening bid: $1.99!

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Karaoke with Maria Cantwell Package!

She's one of Washington State's two U.S. Senators and she wants to do her part to help raise money for Northwest Harvest! The winner of this package will spend a glamorous evening singing karaoke with Senator Cantwell! You pick the karaoke bar, The Stranger picks up the first two rounds of drinks, and one of the most powerful women in the country serenades you with the song of her choice! Oh, and we'll even thrown in a pair of tennis shoes signed by U.S. Senator Patty "A Mom in Tennis Shoes" Murray. Priceless! Opening bid: $1.99!

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Sherman Alexie and Dan Savage Fun-Pak

It's probably the last place on earth you would expect to find Sherman Alexie—novelist, essayist, filmmaker, and rabble-rouser—and Dan Savage—sex-advice columnist, author, editor, and rabble-rouser—but the winner of this package will get to spend the afternoon with Alexie and Savage taking in a Mariner's game at Safeco Field! Tickets to the game, beer, hot dogs, Cracker Jacks, and conversation all included! Tickets and chow: $200! Alexie and Savage: Priceless! Opening bid: $1.99!

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Lunch with Mayor Greg Nickels

Mayor Greg Nickels is the bigger man. Despite our two-month temper tantrum about Nickels's anti-monorail position (we even sold anti-Nickels T-shirts!), the mayor is acting like the grownup, willing to put aside our petty squabbling for the greater good. The winner of this civic dream pack will enjoy a power lunch with Mayor Nickels at his office. Thanks, Greg! (But here's hoping pro-monorail leader Christian Gloddy, the guy who invented the nickname "Mayor Gridlock," wins the bidding.) Priceless! Opening bid: $1.99!

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Ben Exworthy Package

The superstar of last year's Strangercrombie—Ben Exworthy, the local gazillionaire who spent a whopping $15,000 and bought an entire issue of The Stranger devoted to himself—is feeling generous again, as evidenced by this blowout package of Exworthynilia, including a tour of the GameHouse offices and a GameHouse game CD; a tour of the KEXP studios for you and 4 friends with Exworthy and KEXP's development director, Monica Ramsey (plus treats from Cupcake Royale and a ton of KEXP swag); a vintage 1950s Italian switchblade stuck through a publicity photo of James Garner; a set of professional lock picks with an illustrated book on how to break into houses; a slightly used glass eye (blue); a free tattoo from the artist of your choice of Ben Exworthy's face, to be indelibly placed anywhere on your body; a romantic dinner with Exworthy and his pregnant, moody girlfriend at the exclusive Seattle hideaway The Ruins; and one piece of sage advice from Exworthy's mother, Pat, on the topic of your choice! (Full List!) Priceless! Opening bid: $1.99!

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To apply & view a complete job announcement go to www.kingcounty.gov/jobs. Closes 4/26/21 at 11:59pm