Sex work, like any other subculture, has its own slang. Some of it has worked its way toward the mainstream, while other terms remain unknown outside the occupation. These are all terms that I hear or use regularly in conversations with sex-worker friends.

Adult service provider: A sex worker. Frequently, but not necessarily, a call girl.

A double: Two sex workers, one client.

Full service, or FS: Intercourse.

Getting baptized: Used by lap dancers to mean that a client ejaculated while getting a private dance--usually one involving a lot of contact and friction--and that some sperm got on her. "Eeeuuw, that guy baptized me!"

Incall/outcall: Incall means the customer goes to where the sex worker is, outcall is the opposite. These terms have definite "call girl" implications, and someone who advertises herself as a masseuse, for example, may prefer not to use these terms when describing her business.

Manual, or manual release: Usually means the sex worker masturbates the client. Occasionally used to indicate the client masturbating himself.

A Cleopatra: A sex worker who is in deep denial about the fact that she/he is a sex worker. "I'm not a really a stripper, I'm... an interpretive dancer," or, "This isn't really a massage parlor--we do nontraditional bodywork and sensual chakra cleansing."

GFE: Girl Friend Experience. Used by a client, it's a complimentary term for an experience with a call girl that was comparable to being with a romantic partner. Opinions vary about what exactly constitutes a GFE. For example, willingness to French kiss is sometimes mentioned as contributing to a GFE, as most call girls will not do this.

PSE: Porn Star Experience. Used by a client, it's a complimentary term for an experience with a call girl, which indicates that she has a very aggressively sexual demeanor or that she is very accommodating of unusual requests.

Jack shack: A business that provides some type of sexy live show, like "private lingerie modeling," but that doesn't allow any touching of the performers. The customer can jack off while he watches the show, however.