Interviews with Seattle Kinksters: Lady Serena

It is my pleasure to know some of the talented players in the Seattle BDSM scene, and I've decided to interview a few of them for this column. First in the series: Lady Serena, one half of the publishing company House Of Gord. I'd been enjoying their erotic bondage novels for years before I met Gord's wife and partner, Lady Serena. A certified sexologist with a master's degree in human sexuality, Lady Serena has some definite views of her own about bondage.

Tell me why you like bondage.

Physically, I get an endorphin rush. And mentally, bondage quiets my mind. It's like meditating, because normally my mind is extremely active. Bondage stops all of that and allows me to Be Here Now. Everything else disappears, and that's what I love about bondage. I'm often completely immobilized into intense bondage creations built by my husband, Gord, using a variety of materials such as steel, copper, wood, fiberglass and various chemical compounds. That's our idea of fun!

What's your favorite thing about it?

The level of intimacy we reach with each other through speaking honestly about our fantasies, and the reverence my partner has for me when I've surrendered my body to his care.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about what you do?

That it's inherently degrading to women. Context is everything here. BDSM games do involve an exchange of power. But power exchanges are everywhere in human culture. Kinky people acknowledge and play with them consciously in a way that creates an emotional and physical "charge." It brings partners closer together because it allows us to speak the unspeakable to one another--the truth about what gets us off.

You're originally from San Francisco. How does the Seattle fetish scene compare?

The scene here is smaller than it is in San Francisco, but the people seem more genuine, and cop less bogus attitudes.

Tell me about the erotica you publish.

Twelve years ago, Gord started a book publishing company, the House of Gord, and we are just about to release our 40th illustrated bondage book. Our bondage website,, has art, stories, and Gord's famous ultra-bondage installations, including forniphilia, which is the art of human/living furniture.