The Rules of Porn

Spending time in front of other people's cameras gives a girl insight about shooting her own photos, especially when it comes to producing porn. Everyone assumes I shoot fetish porn, but frankly, paying markets for fetish porn photos are few. Regular old naked girlie pictures, now those you can sell. And I do.

As a woman, a porn connoisseur, and a model-turned-photographer, I have certain rules. For example, I will never, ever depict a lone model sucking on a dildo as (supposedly) part of her masturbating. I'm an open-minded girl, I've petted my bunny extensively in real life, and I have never had the slightest urge to stick a dildo in my mouth as part of that process. I have yet to find a single woman who actually does this, and believe me, I've asked. It's stupid. I know it's symbolism--it's just stupid symbolism.

Neither will I have models with two-inch-long Dragon Lady fingernails do a girl-on-girl scene where they finger-fuck each other. A basic understanding of physics should suffice to explain why this is a bad idea.

Another rule: I don't blur the line between "professional model" and "the photographer's personal sex object." I've modeled for (male) photographers who seemed fuzzy on this point, and it's creepy. It's also counterproductive. I had a model show up to shoot a jill-off sequence, fully equipped with her sex toys and her lube. Before we got started, she said to me, very seriously, "I just want you to know, I don't really orgasm when I'm modeling." I gave her a funny look and said, "That's okay, I don't really orgasm when I'm shooting." "Well, I just modeled for this gross guy who got upset--he said he wanted true orgasm pictures. He was acting like he wasn't going to pay me if I didn't really come. It was totally weird and I was really uncomfortable."

Sounds like a testosterone-based moment to me. A word of advice, guys: If your sexual energy makes the model uneasy, she'll look like a deer in the headlights in your photos. Some of the sexiest photos ever taken of me were done by male photographers who were so very professional that I wondered if they were gay. They weren't--they were just smart. If you want a photo in which the model looks as if she's just aching for someone to come jump her, make sure she knows that the photographer isn't.