Penis Puppets

I recently took a dear friend to see the amusing show Puppetry of the Penis. When I saw the blurbs for it, I knew I had to go, and I knew I had to take S., because... well, because he and I have done so many twisted, kinky things to his penis that I knew he'd be interested in seeing what those Aussie boys could do with theirs. The POTP boys call their tricks "genital origami," but I think the phrase "making balloon animals with their dicks" really gives a clearer impression of what the performers do.

Overall, S. and I enjoyed the show. But we were disappointed by the dick-tricksters' assurances that their genital contortions didn't hurt a bit. It's all very well to prance around onstage with a bar coaster around your penis (the Australian frilled lizard!) but we wanted to see some sweat.

However, the show did resonate with my kink experience in one notable way. The guys I've played with who dig intense genital torment are, as a rule, very creative and innovative when it comes to getting the precise type of pain that they want. I've had guys draw me complex diagrams and build me various penis-punishing machines that they want me to use on them. Sometimes they'll bring me devices that were never intended for use on a human body. I've been gifted with an electric cattle prod, industrial-strength steel clamps, and a bull castrator. Some of these toys--especially the bull castrator--really aren't safe to use on people, so don't try this at home.

Still, male genitorture fans put a level of research and development into their play that I don't see in any other subgroup. I love doing CBT (cock and ball torment), but even if I didn't like participating, I'd still appreciate people who put time and energy into refining their kink.

So the Aussie boys clearly have the necessary focus and creativity. I would be happy to personally show them how the inclusion of some very basic props--say, weights, or some clothespins, or just some thin rope--could really add a little bite to some of their penile configurations. Or maybe new blood is the answer; the POTP website says they are holding auditions to form additional troupes of puppeteers. I'd love to see some genitorture boys infiltrate them and disseminate some kinky energy. Perhaps it's just me, but I always think it's sexy when people suffer for their art.