IF THERE'S ONE THING we love, it's the above photo of Nicole Brodeur, Seattle Times columnist and celebrated scab. We've run that picture of Brodeur--what? Five weeks in a row? Six? We can't resist! That cascading hair, that perky nose, that "never explain, never apologize" smile--we just can't get enough!

This week, we want to share our love of Brodeur with YOU. Scattered throughout this issue of The Stranger are literally dozens--if not hundreds!--of pictures of Nicole Brodeur. You'll find Brodeur peeping out of photos, scattered among paragraphs, and sneaking around the classifieds. All you've got to do is count the Brodeurs in this week's paper, send in your best guess along with your daytime phone number, and YOU could WIN! First prize? An all-expense-paid lunch date with Nicole Brodeur herself! (Helpful hint: There are five photos of Nicole Brodeur on this page alone.) Now get out your abacus and get countin'!