WHAT IS IT? Fire is a rapid, persistent chemical reaction that releases heat and light; especially the exothermic combination of a combustible substance with oxygen.

FIRE'S "PROS": Fire can be used to provide luminosity and warmth, as well as to cook food or ignite tobacco products.

FIRE'S "CONS": Fire can burn! Fire often has enough heat to blister skin, or melt home appliances. Given enough combustibles, fire will burn and burn and burn until there is absolutely nothing left, leaving the earth barren and scorched beyond recognition.

CONCLUSION: Fire is one of the "Dangers of Our Modern World!"


WHAT IS IT? Syphilis is a chronic infectious venereal disease caused by a spirochete, usually transmitted in sexual intercourse, and progressing in three stages characterized by local formation of chancres, ulcerous skin eruptions, and systemic infection leading to general paresis.

SYPHILIS' "PROS": First stage of disease usually isn't painful, unless the chancre becomes ulcerated through pressure. Can take a very long time to kill you.

SYPHILIS' "CONS": Lesions of mouth, throat, and anus. Hair loss. "Face rot" wherein the nose can erode. Mental insanity, and eventually, death. THERE IS NO KNOWN CURE.

CONCLUSION: Syphilis is one of the "Dangers of Our Modern World!" (See also Card #27, "Gonorrhea" and Card #4, "Squirrels.")