The Everything Electric showcase taps top local producers and DJs with acute judgment, week in and week out. Tonight, Seattle eminences OC Notes and WD4D step up to the decks. A recent show at Cairo revealed OC Notes to be a funny mofo between songs, but his tracks are no joke. He maintains lofty quality control whether he's indulging his rock inclinations (see the Secret Society album) or honing his exploratory, skewed hiphop and house chops. WD4D is one of the town's most in-demand beatmakers and disc jockeys, bringing rhythmically advanced, bass-intensive jams for asses of all sizes. You should hear what he does with Tracy Morgan's "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah." With DJ ShoNuph. Electric Tea Garden, 10 pm, free, 21+.



To say that the music of Morgan Page is not my bag would be an understatement of gargantuan proportions. His brand of fluffy pop-house is what gives electronic music a bad rep. Yet it's exactly this sort of vocal-heavy, mushily melodramatic and melodic dance fodder that packs big clubs and gets affluent normals to pay exorbitant ticket prices to witness it. I will never understand this. Maybe I'm doing the wrong drugs... or maybe fans of these empty-calorie anthems have defective ears. The mystery deepens. With Johnny Monsoon, Chris Paape, and Mikey G. Showbox at the Market, 8 pm, $32, 18+.

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On a much more subterranean tip, over at Temple Billiards' Deep Down Lounge, Onset is hosting original LA junglist Machete. Inspired by England's lightning-fast hardcore breakbeat scene, Machete's been pushing rapid 'n' rugged drum 'n' bass since 1994. This is the sort of high-impact, high-energy stuff—full of motivational reggae toasting and hiphop MCing samples—that made a lot of people excited about the genre back in those halcyon Clinton administration years, and it's still satisfying a lot of kids who may have missed the sound's initial upsurge. Rewind, selectah! With Flave, John Glist, Dunjin, and Sonic MC. Temple Billiards' Deep Down Lounge, 10 pm, $6, 21+.