Time to survey some of the best recent electronic releases—nothing but the creamiest of the crop for you, albeit compressed into 450 words.

FRED BIGOT, mono/stereo (Holy Mountain; www.holymountain.com). Bigot ostensibly is a Frenchman, but I suspect he's actually a genius automaton that generates monomaniacal, ultraminimal untekno. Using an 808, Rat distortion, and a few filters, Bigot creates a pitiless, unfeasibly thick, buzzy attack that threatens to rupture sound-system capacities. His tracks emit the most intense, gnarliest throb ever (subliminally sexy!), raising the bar for posthuman muzik—which is sure to be 2012's hot subgenre. Check Bigot's Electronicat releases for a more schaffel-glam take on this steez (the track title "Bolantronic" sums it up well). Mono/stereo is a brutal cochlea rape that hertz so good.

DEADBEAT, Radio Rothko (the Agriculture; www.theagriculture.com). Deadbeat (Montreal producer Scott Monteith) has concocted an indispensable primer of dubwise minimal techno and techwise skeletal dubstep. An alternate title for this mix could be Basic Channel Surfing; that crucial German label's aesthetic serves as the foundational wave upon which most of the 19 tracks on Radio Rothko glide. Stolid 4/4 kick-drum thuds; distant, metallic oscillations; and swirling, oceanic atmospheres permeate selections by Deepchord, Monolake, Intrusion, Maurizio, Rhythm & Sound, and Basic Channel themselves. There's not a weak link in the lot. This is the other chillwave you need to know.

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MARTYN, Fabric 50 (Fabric; www.fabric london.com). As much as anyone, Martijn Deijkers deserves to helm Fabric's 50th DJ mix. Over the assembled 26 cuts (which he blended live, fact fans), Martyn thrillingly cherry-picks from the avant-bass-centric continuum's top shelf. Beginning with Hudson Mohawke's tantalizingly hyperreal R&B "Joy Fantastic," Martyn zigzags around the spectrum to Zomby (three killer cuts), Joy Orbison ("BRKLN CLLN"), Cooly G, Actress, Kode9, 2562, Levon Vincent, and Dorian Concept, while including five of his own works and his incongruous remix of rock group the Detachments' "Circles." It's a fluxed-up rhythmic bouillabaisse of some of today's freshest flavors, deftly arranged and mixed to keep booties moving and minds engaged. Essential curatorship and skills!

MOTOR CITY DRUM ENSEMBLE, Raw Cuts Vol. 1 (Faces; www.myspace.com/faces records). Stuttgart-based Motor City Drum Ensemble (aka Danilo Plessow) isn't from Detroit, but he has applied that decaying metropolis's legendary aptitude for funk to his own productions. Real talk, the aptly titled Raw Cuts is the apotheosis of "deep, soulful, funky" house circa now. (The CD contains two foxy, slo-mo disco sides by MCDE cohort Jayson Brothers.) No matter if this is familiar territory for anyone who's moved a muscle to house music over the last 25 years; MCDE's vocal samples and brass stabs tickle and slap you with brazen vigor, and his bass tones and drum sounds are outrageously tumescent, as if he's wielding a girthful foot-long dong in a field full of thimble dicks. Only problem with this 11-track collection is the population explosion it's gonna cause. recommended