This is major: Berlin DJ/producer Sammy Dee is making his Seattle debut. Dee (aka Mario Radecki) came to prominence as half of the German techno unit Pantytec with Zip. (Dee later went on to collaborate with ex-Seattleite Bruno Pronsato under the name Half Hawaii; check out their two crucial 12s for Perlon and Hello? Repeat Records.) Pantytec established themselves as one of Perlon's archetypal artists: They create a quirky brand of clubby techno that achieves an odd sort of functionality, combining winning whimsy and technical wizardry. It's as if they build a shuddering stumble into each measure of their tracks, just to challenge dancers (and themselves), but somehow they don't lose the magical groove. This rare skill is exemplified on Pantytec's 2002 album Pony Slaystation and their tracks on Perlon's Superlongevity compilations. As Herr Dee has been disc jockeying since the late '80s at some of the world's most important venues, we can assume that he's going to conduct a seminar on druggy, after-hours track selection.

Global-bass-music polyglots Sub Swara (Brooklyn's Dhruva and Dave Sharma) are on the road supporting their new album, Triggers (out November 9 on Low Motion; Their sound is rooted in dub, dubstep, and their myriad offspring—and it ranges from sluggy, druggy gloom-spreaders to whoompy wobblers to uplifting, expansive Burner anthems. They also dabble in off-kilter, hard-hitting hiphop joints, with cameos by Dead Prez, Lyrics Born, and Freddie. (Sub Swara have also done a slick, soulful remix of Big Boi's "Shutterbug.") Multicultural mongrelism abounds in Sub Swara's tracks. If you catch 'em at Trinity, watch out for errant flying dreadlocks, mon.

Show and Bonk (the brainchild, respectively, of Show and Tell's DJ Verse and Bonkers' Ian Scot Price) offers a killer bill on Friday at Chop Suey. Performers include globe-trotting minimal-techno chillmeister the Sight Below (fresh off a Decibel Fest Fennesz collab), Afro-eccentric house subversive Jon McMillion, acid-laced IDM-electro sorcerer the Naturebot, house luminaries Bob Hansen versus Eva, and SciFiSol (Portland's Christina Broussard). While most of the artists in this lineup are familiar to area electronic-music scenesters, SciFiSol is relatively obscure. She has an album out on Price's Pleasure Boat Records titled Inject Image that explores some deeply eerie, psychedelic realms. Its tenor exists somewhere between tranquility and anxiety, and it's more likely to make you squirm and gasp with trepidation than shake your ass and throw your hands in the air. SciFiSol's distinctively enchanted sound—over which she weaves her own processed, ethereal vocals—radiates a gripping, vaporous spookiness. recommended

Sub Swara perform Thurs Oct 21, Trinity, 9 pm, free, 21+; Sammy Dee performs with Albert L, Charles T. Shade, Murdoc on Fri Oct 22, Produkt Loft, midnight, $10, 21+; Show and Bonk is Fri Oct 22, Chop Suey, 9 pm, $8 adv/$10 DOS, 21+.