If you like your electronic music rough around the edges—and edgy around the roughs—you have many options by which to indulge your aural masochism this week.

The Prom, playing May 31st-June 19th at The 5th Avenue Theatre
The Prom is a musical comedy about big Broadway stars on a mission to change the world.

Perhaps most excitingly, the local iconoclasts at Insectmind have snagged British grime/dubstep producers Milanese and Cyrus for a rare American appearance. Milanese's releases (Extend and Adapt) for Mike Paradinas's maverick Planet Mu label bludgeon you seven shades of blue with their bass-centric, pugilistic-beat science. Exhilarating and damn near gothic in their ominous dankness, Milanese's tracks make me wistful for the days of Witchman... the exception is "Caramel Cognac," which drops a dainty Lilith Fair vocal amid crisp, crunchy beats and colonic-ready bass frequencies. Cyrus—who also plays in Random Trio—is less bombastic than Milanese, but his dubstep cuts are plenty creepy and evocative of desolate East London alleys you'd do well to avoid.

Rough-house/garish-garage auteur A1 Bassline is an ideal Shameless/Naha Army booking for their Balls Out! monthly at Re-bar. The London producer's elastic, low-end party igniters can dislocate hips and their raucous bon temps aura will have even security staff tapping toes.

Seattle misanthropes 100 Pieces and Brocken Spectre will make for an anomalous presence in downtown's Noc Noc this Friday, September 12. 100 Pieces (Joy Von Spain and Murder—you heard me) bloody their circuits with splenetic industrialized IDM; you will know their drill. The duo's hectic, caustic output on discs like God Hates Babies (Backwards Records) mocks your attempts to dance or relax to it. Denver transplant Brocken Spectre (aka ex-Blackcell member Lucio Duran), on the other claw, favors a more finessed approach, sounding like Boards of Canada if they recorded, say, for Hymen. At times he creates melodies of almost Kraftwerkian grandeur; at others he attains a more introverted but no less compelling effect. And keep a singed ear out for ex-Seattle/current Anaheim producer Cursed Chimera (Ben Thompson), who gets medieval on dubstep's ass—among other things.

Much less harsh than the aforementioned artists, popular French producers Miss Kittin & the Hacker (Caroline Herve and Michael Amato) traffic in Eurotrashy, tech-y disco that never loses its composure, even as it's peeling off its panties. Miss Kittin's blasé voice conveys an erotic frisson that's buttressed by the Hacker's aerodynamic bustle. It's all very continental and sophisticated. Miss Kittin & the Hacker's polished dance machinations significantly improve your chances of scoring ('tang or blow or anything decadent, really). If not, you can suck Miss Kittin's dick and lick her ass. recommended

Milanese, Cyrus, the Milkman, Cursed Chimera, and Clobber play Sat Sept 13, Oseao Gallery, 10 pm, $10, 21+.

A1 Bassline and Levi Clark play Fri Sept 12, Re-bar, 9 pm–2 am, 21+.

Brocken Spectre, 100 Pieces, Cursed Chimera play Fri Sept 12, Noc Noc, www.holocaustseattle.com, 9 pm, $5 before 10 pm/$10 after, 21+.

Miss Kittin & the Hacker, Colby B, and DJ Julia play Wed Sept 17, Neumo's, 8 pm– 2 am, $15, 21+.


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