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Motor City/Berlin producer Jimmy Edgar once was an electronic-music prodigy who looked like an American Apparel model. In the early '00s, he was one of the few IDM figures who flaunted an overtly sexual persona (one track on 2006's Color Strip is titled "I Wanna Be Your STD"), while still keeping his productions eggheady enough to get signed to Warp Records. The prolific Edgar now records for !K7, and he's as blatantly raunchy as ever, with the 2010 album XXX, featuring the club smash "Hot, Raw, Sex." His steez here consists of slick electro funk with warped, boudoir-noir vocals. The pervasive lasciviousness could make Prince blush; this technician of seduction apparently is striving to make "Erotic City" seem like Disneyland. With Levi Clark, Lincolnup, DJ dAb, and Joe Bellingham. Electric Tea Garden, 10 pm–4 am, $10 before 11 pm, 21+.


The same night, [a]pendics.shuffle (LA producer Kenneth J. Gibson, mensch of a million monikers) will giddy up the Baltic Room into a crazy-angled, funhouse-mirrored discotheque with his oddly torqued and anticly textured techno. With excellent releases on Seattle's sadly defunct Orac Records and loads of other elite labels, Gibson has become one of the most reliable creators of unpredictable, playful techno. This is a coup for Uniting Souls' new ((Dialed)) monthly. Support comes from Murdoc and Derrick Deepvibez, who are celebrating the release of the Trouble4 12-inch on Mindshift Records, which also features KJ Gibbs (that guy again). Baltic Room, 9 pm, $5 before 10 pm/$10 after, 21+.

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When it comes to merging dubstep with techno in unconventional ways (as it inevitably will), the music of 2562—aka A Made Up Sound, aka Dave Huismans—is as good as it gets. His chunky, buckling beats buttress a rich lexicon of tonalities and moving, minor-key melodies, as his instant classic Unbalance album on Tectonic demonstrates. But 2562's new full-length, Fever (out April 4), reportedly is going to consist of tracks featuring samples lifted from 1970s and '80s disco records. Whatever the style, though, expect A+ material from this deft Dutchman. With Cyanwave and Nordic Soul. Baltic Room, 9 pm, $10, 21+.