Seze Devres


The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan left enough devastation for several decades' worth of benefit events, and Seattle DJs Ill Cosby, Eugene Fauntleroy (aka M'chateau, aka Michito Iwata), and Shawn D have decided to do their part in the relief effort with this show. The Ill one hosts Cosby Show Nights on www.sub .fm, a weekly bonanza of future-bass/post-dubstep curating that keeps pulse-quickening tabs on what the electronic avant is gardening. Cos kills it regularly in clubs, too. Slick yet deep techno/house DJ Eugene Fauntleroy has family in Japan, so this fundraiser literally hits close to home for him. Shawn D was traveling in Japan when the disaster struck but fortunately escaped harm, which is good news for fans of the sexy downtempo house he spins at the Sløwpøke Monday monthly at Living Room. All proceeds tonight go to Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami relief. Baltic Room, 9 pm, $5 minimum donation, 21+.

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PhD-level party-rockin' techno DJ Derek Plaslaiko jets in from Berlin, where the Detroit-area-bred disc jockey now resides, along with thousands of other American techno artists. What makes Plaslaiko special? His capacity to make you feel like you're tripping simultaneously on seven illicit substances, at 4:00 a.m., way out in the middle of everywhere. Plaslaiko brings you the hard, sexy stuff that you crave to hear around the birth of your third wind. His residencies at Detroit's defunct Motor club and New York's Wolf + Lamb parties, plus slots at prestigious events like Detroit Electronic Music Festival and Decibel, belie his ballcapped, T-shirted, regular-dude demeanor. Plaslaiko may be more head-wrecked than you on any given night, but he's still got it all under control. With Albert, Ctrl_Alt_Dlt, and Murdoc. Re-bar, 10:30 pm, $10, 21+.

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