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It's been a while since Splinters (Seattle producer Ben Torrence, who also plays laptop in the electronic duo Bookmobile and drums in the rock trio Lunch Buddy Program) has performed in Seattle, so this appearance is most welcome for fans of brainy, playful sound design. It's mystifying why he's not achieved more attention among electronic-music aficionados. Splinters' tracks boast complex, often funky rhythms and a striking array of textures within a minimalist context similar to that of artists on the Raster-Noton and Mille Plateaux labels. When he sets his mind to it, Torrence can craft some damned hypnotic techno cuts, too. His new Capsule series of EPs displays Splinters' stylistic diversity, melodic sophistication, and unwavering attention to fascinating electronic minutiae. Hit up Splinters' Bandcamp page for proof. With Alexander Trust and Kaleidosaur. Josephine, 7 pm.

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Several key figures from Ian Scot Price's Pleasure Boat Records take over the Electric Tea Garden tonight for one of their patented cerebrum-shimmying dance parties. Which means a load of local-grown, high-IQ'd electronic music for groovers and shakers. Relcad (aka Alex Duff) is seriously underrated as a producer; his techno is swathed in lush, aqueous textures, conjuring the awesome hypothetical concept of minimalist guru Terry Riley recording for German dub-techno powerhouse label Chain Reaction. Relcad's latest full-length, Capitol Island, is a local techno masterwork, for real. Price's solo endeavor, the Naturebot, surveys the rarely explored phantasmagorical space between mercurial IDM and pastoral, blissful electropop. His imagination remains restless and fertile. Your City Sleeps (aka Miles Kazemian) has become one of the area's most ambitious ambient-music makers, with a highly advanced skill for generating tenebrous atmospheres and dramatic, post–Blade Runner soundscapes. Gunnar Lockwood makes powerful yet finesseful Teutonic techno bangers for your aerobic pleasure. Finally, Retic (aka Douglas Teike) is poised to drop his Chameleon Template album in October. Previously, Retic proved himself to be adept in the sublimely chilled funk of Casino Versus Japan and Boards of Canada, but now he's showing an exceptional grasp for the nuances of what he calls "experimental melodic techno." With Joe Bellingham. Electric Tea Garden, 10 pm, free before 11 pm/$5 before midnight/$10 after, 21+.