Decibel’s Bit Rock showcase is stacked with the kind of talent that can unite rock and electronica fans through the magic of laptops, analog synths, and cowbells. DJ Introcut and Truckasauras are local mainstays of smart, party-rocking electro beats while Portland’s E*Rock creates gripping pastoral and dystopian IDM. Headliners Holy Fuck devastate with their raw, Neu!-like metronomic rhythms powering danceable tracks festooned with a sci-fi flick’s worth of sound effects. Holy Fuck always live up to their name. (Crocodile, 2200 Second Ave,, 9 pm, $18, 21+)

Day In • Day Out returns this summer, August 12th thru 14th!
Featuring The National, Mitski, Mac DeMarco and more! Full lineup and tickets at