Time is running out at Western Bridge, the great contemporary art space. It will close sometime late this year, date still TBA, after an eight-year run. The new group show, Devouring Time, has a hushed deathiness to it—drawings related to embalming, a daily delivery of irises left out to dry and rot even as new ones arrive. A puddle scooped out of Puget Sound and poured onto the concrete gallery floor every day is just enough water to fill a pair of human lungs; it’s a piece called Drown by Emilie Halpern. Mungo Thomson imprinted a pair of giant mirrors with the Time magazine logo, each font dictated by the years the owners of Western Bridge were born. Hung on facing walls, the mirrors disappear into each other. (Western Bridge, 3412 Fourth Ave S, www.westernbridge.org, noon–6 pm, free)