CHICKEN CHAT—Did you know that the Egyptians designed incubators that hatched 15,000 eggs at a time to feed the pyramid builders? Get really henpecked at this weekly chicken trivia event. Woodland Park Zoo, 5500 Phinney Ave N, 684-4800, 11:30 am, entrance fee.


SUNSET SUPPER AT THE MARKET—The last light of the day casts mottled shadows over grass-cured salmon, cold peach soup, bruschetta caprese, and other gently gastronomic delights. Remember your childhood. Pike Place Market, between Pike and Virginia, 7:30-9:30 pm, $50/person.


EAT FOR CHOICE—Although the two might not be linked in your mind, ice cream and reproductive rights come together at this fundraiser for Washington's National Abortion Rights Action League. The Cow's Meow, 1835 Queen Anne Ave N, Ste 1, 624-1990, all day, prices vary.

ILLUMINATION FAIR—I feel that you have been very lethargic lately. I feel that you are uncertain about your job. I see an aura-soma consultation, or perhaps a tarot card reading, in your future. Luminary Metaphysical Store, 1318 N 45th St, 547-5922, 11 am-6 pm, entrance free, prices of services vary.


ROCK THE VOTE—Learn activism with Charlie Chong, zine-making with Dan Halligan, and how to throw an all ages show with Michael Compton, at this free forum with music by Juno, Piece of Sol, Asphalt Meditation, and the Catheters. DV8, 131 Taylor Ave N, noon-5 pm, free.


SORRENTO STORIES—Have you ever strolled past the Sorrento Hotel, and mused, "Ah, the stories I could tell about that place"? Here's your chance! For its 90th anniversary, the hotel is collecting "clever, sweet, poignant, or insightful stories" about experiences therein. You could win a stay in the penthouse suite. Mail to: Sorrento Stories, Sorrento Hotel, 900 Madison St, Seattle WA 98104. Include your phone number. Deadline is Sept 20.

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