[NOTE: Due to the author's depression over the recent passage of I-695, and what she perceives as the consequent triumph of SUVs, you may note a tenor of apathy in the following listings. This does not reflect on the merit of the events.]

FRIDAY 11/12

WATCH IT -- Teen Screen, Seattle's "Young People's Video Festival," kicks off tonight with screenings, and continues on Saturday with a video production workshop. Refreshments will be served. Screenings at Lee Auditorium, Seattle Central Library, 1000 Fourth Ave, 386-4151, 8 pm, free; workshop Sat at 9 am, call for location.


IRMA ORELLANA -- Orellana, a Salvadoran political activist and regional organizer for Melida Anaya Montes Women's Movement, will discuss and demonstrate how she has used popular theater as a tool against political oppression. She will also discuss WTO policies. Seattle Public Theater, 915 E Pine #426, 328-4848, 2-4 pm, donation.

SUNDAY 11/14

THE WTO: A LICENSE TO LOOT -- As part of the ongoing useful rumpling of the social fabric, a panel of unionists and feminists will provide a "working class analysis" of why the WTO is evil. New Freeway Hall, 5018 Rainier Ave S, 722-2453, 1 pm, donation ($6 for Blue Collar Brunch).

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