WTO Calendar

by Traci Vogel


PRESSURE POINT & A PIG'S TALE--Two films that ask the question, "Can authentic human rights be achieved alongside unbridled global economic growth?" pair up just in time for the WTO conference. Pressure Point, a kind of activism pep talk, shows how protesters foiled last year's ministerial attempt to enact an evil investment agreement; Anne Parisio and Leah Gordon's A Pig's Tale documents U.S. economic intervention horrors in Haiti. Seattle Independent Media Center, 1415 Third Ave, 7:30 pm, free.

FRIDAY 11/26

WTO PROTEST ART SHOW--The Alibi Room provides a forum for people to exhibit visual works of art expressing concern over the WTO and globalization. Alibi Room, 85 Pike St at Post Alley, 623-3180, through 12/5.

OUR FRIENDS AT THE BANK & COFFEE IS THE GOLD OF THE FUTURE--The Little Theatre and People for Fair Trade team up to present two stories of exploitation in poor countries: Our Friends at the bank was filmed for 18 months in Uganda, documenting the political devastation visited by the World Bank; Coffee puts to film the struggle over the world's second most valuable commodity, and its effects on farmers in Columbia. The Little Theatre, 608 19th Ave E, 675-2055, 6, 8 & 9:15 pm; double feature at 7:45 pm.

SUNDAY 11/28

PANEL OF INTERNATIONAL WORKERS IN SEATTLE WHO OPPOSE THE WTO--This laboriously titled panel gathers workers from Bangladesh, Mexico, and elsewhere in a discussion of human rights and economics. Co-sponsored by the Lesbian Resource Center. LRC, 2214 S Jackson St, 322-2168, 2-4 pm, free.

NO TO WTO PROCESSION--Coordinated by the Direct Action Network and several neighborhood groups, this creative protest will feature giant puppets, theater, music, and dance in a "festival of resistance" that starts on Capitol Hill. Meet at Seattle Central Community College, corner of Pine & Broadway, at noon. Call 632-1656 for more info.

THE BREAKDOWN--Theater and spoken word pieces pertaining to the generally ineffable process of globalization. Alibi Room, 85 Pike St at Post Alley, 623-3180, 3 pm.

FAULTLINES: AN EVENING OF THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE--Multimedia acts of anti-establishment art, including The Incredible Feats of Stupidity, a tour of the military-industrial complex led by Gen. Warren D. Struction. The Parlour Room, 161 S Jackson St, 287-1900, 8 pm, donation.

ZAPATISTA--A film screening of the definitive documentary about the indigenous uprising in Chiapas. The film features Rage Against the Machine, the Herbaliser, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and Noam Chomsky. Discussion with filmmakers to follow screenings. Alibi Room, 85 Pike St at Post Alley, 623-3180, 7 & 9 pm, $5/$7.

MONDAY 11/29

ENVIRONMENTAL MARCH & RALLY--A big environmental protest rally outside the Seattle Convention Center. A march starts from the Methodist Church to the Convention Center, where the rally will include speakers from environmental, consumer, and health care groups. Meet at First Methodist Church, 811 Fifth Ave, noon.

JUBILEE 2000--The Jubilee 2000 Northwest Coalition plans to organize a human chain at the opening night reception of the WTO conference in order to protest the debt crisis in developing countries. The human chain, which has been used at other meetings such as the G-8 in Cologne, Germany this summer, is used to press world leaders for debt cancellation. The event begins with an interfaith service at First Methodist Church, 811 Fifth Ave, at 4:30 pm. Proceed from there to the Exhibition Center near Safeco Field, where the human chain will take place at 7:30 pm.

THE GOLF WAR--Here's a documentary on why Tiger Woods probably shouldn't have helped develop a resort and golf course in the Philippines. See Stranger Suggests, page 51. The Filipino Community Center, 5740 Martin Luther King Way S, 415-626-5510, 7 pm.

WORDS FOR THE WORLD--A verbal revolution, featuring Jim Page, members of StreetWrites, Catherine Reynolds, Arthur Tulee, and Koon Woon. Open mic 7-8 pm. The Parlour Room, 161 S Jackson St, 632-2250, $5 donation.


JAMPAC MUSIC PROTEST--Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys joins Krist Novoselic, Kim Thayil, and Gina Mainwal as a "WTO Supergroup," alongside Spear-head, in an evening of music to raise funds for the Institute for Consumer Responsibility's anti-WTO media efforts. Showbox, 1426 First Ave, 628-0888, 8 pm, $12, 21 and over.

SHREDGIRL NIGHT--Counterculture is celebrated in this evening of video, art, and music showcasing girl snow/skate/surf culture, including a speaker who will address direct actions. The evening also features the Seattle premiere of the snow/skate/surf film Empress, a benefit for Boarding for Breast Cancer, and the music of DJ Linda Kennedy, spinning until 2 am. ARO.space, 925 E Pike St, 320-0424, 9 pm, $5.

DROP OUT OR TAKE OVER: A LAZY PLAY--Taken from a 1967 San Francisco Oracle transcript, this reading of a conversation between Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, Gary Snyder, and Alan Ginsberg explores the question of whether to "Drop out or take over?" The parts of the male vision-questers are read by Rendezvous Readings Curators Novella Carpenter, Rachel Kessler, Paula Gilovich, and Traci Vogel; social questions of leadership, activism, and utopia are addressed. The Little Theatre, 608 19th Ave E, 329-2629, 8 pm, $5.


EMERGENCY--New mega-club I-Spy hosts a multi-media event designed to spur on political awareness concerning expansion of the WTO. The event will include live local music, international and national speakers, spoken word, DJs, and visual art. I-Spy, 1921 Fifth Ave, 374-9492, 5 pm.


RESISTANCE, SABOTAGE & MUSIC--This two-hour video documentary features interviews with Howard Zinn, Judi Bari, and other radical greats, to help contextualize the history of resistance to industrial capitalism. Spliced with historical documentary footage and home video, you may get a glimpse of things from a whole new angle. 911 Media Arts, 177 Yale North, 682-6552, 7 pm, $4.

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