40TH ANNUAL OLD KIDS CARNIVAL AND COCKTAIL PARTY--Though this St. Patty's Day guzzle-a-thon is for the grownups, it's actually a fundraiser for the Wallingford Boys and Girls Club. The cold keg warehouse across the street from the Trolleyman Pub at the Redhook Brewery will be converted into a dance club, while the parking lot will feature midway-type carnival games, fortune tellers, and comedians. Two stages will feature local bands Korla Wygal & Her Private Reserve and Last Call. Redhook Brewery, 180 N Canal St (in Fremont), 7 pm, minimum $10 donation.

DEPRESSION--Olympic bronze medalist and world-champion diver Wendy Williams discusses clinical depression at the Athlete's Foot in Bellevue Square, the mall where affluent residents of the Eastside shop for shoes in which to run away from their miserable lives. The Athlete's Foot, Bellevue Square Mall, 1:30 pm, free.

RUMMAGE SALE--The Jade Guild and Cathay Post 186 American Legion of Seattle hosts this rummage sale, which will benefit the Asian community in the greater Seattle area. Nisei Veterans Hall, 1212 S King St, 9 am-4 pm, free.


MEATOUT 2001--Unrepentant bacon lovers and meat eaters should celebrate today by eating twice as much animal flesh as usual while the guilty, the squeamish, and the paranoid shun meat and other infected animal products on this, the nation's fifth annual Meatout. Your house, sky's the limit.

PROTEST STARBUCKS--More protest as food, environmental, and social-justice activists storm the Benaroya Hall Starbucks and demand that the company remove Bovine Growth Hormone (rGBH) and other genetically engineered ingredients from their brand-name products, start brewing and promoting fair-trade coffee, and improve the wages and working conditions of coffee plantation workers. Starbucks, 1310 Third Ave, noon.

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