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Six More Drinks You Should Be Drinking Right Now from Six More Awesome Seattle Chefs/Bartenders

It is summertime. Drink up!

Andrew Friedman, Liberty

I'd have to say that my favorite summer drink is a shandy—the oft-changing version at Liberty is a mix of a carbonated fruit-based cocktail and beer, the latest being a mix of gin, fresh watermelon and lemon juice, ginger, orange bitters, and a topping of pilsner. The real name is officially a "shandygaff." It's a drink that feels good to order: "I'll have a shandy." It just feels like you're in the club.

James Miller, Cafe Besalu

One of my favorite drinks in the summertime is a good-quality sweet red vermouth with a little ice and either a twist of lemon or a couple of Manzanilla olives.

Rachel Yang, Joule, Revel

My go-to cocktail is Sweet Freedom, which we happen to serve at Joule! It has makoli, which is like a Korean version of sparkling nigori, which makes the drink creamy yet refreshing.

David Butler, Le Caviste

I drink literally cases of French rosé during summer (on my own), but when it gets really hot, my secret refresher is Malmatina retsina over ice! (Insert gasp here.) 

Ethan Stowell, Tavolàta, How to Cook a Wolf, Anchovies & Olives, Bar Cotto, Staple & Fancy, Ballard Pizza Company, Rione XIII

If I'm with my wife or having dinner with family or friends, Provence rosé. It's refreshing and it goes great with summertime food, salads, backyard barbecue, grilled fish. If I'm alone or going out after work, beer and a sipping booze. Summer is Tecate and tequila. Winter is Olympia and bourbon. After work, I don't really want anything complex, and it needs to be refreshing and good. And I like simple beer and nice booze.

Anu Apte, Rob Roy

In the summer, I love a good sour beer or something sessionable. Petrus Aged Pale and Stiegl Radler are definitely go-tos.  recommended