I am sick to the guillotines in regards to that spoiled Chihuahua on TV. Did you know they use irritants for the mouth motion? Would you like to know what else makes me sick?!? That dog is spoiled! Did you know he travels in a limousine? AND he jumps in other people's limousines. Another thing about that dog is that he has a small brain. This is indicated by the size of his small skull. Well, duh. You may ask yourself, well, if they use irritants on his mouth, then how do they make his eyebrows move?! Well, duh (again). IRRITANTS! Like Mr. Ed (the horse). And like Mr. Ed, I think that spoiled Chihuahua is a girl. That, as you know, makes that Chihuahua a spoiled bitch. I am going to bludgeon that spoiled bitch. I am really going to.

P.S. I want to know what irritant is used. Do you know? I do not.

-- Anonymous