Kelly O

Have you ever gotten punched square in the face by a bartender? Have you gotten punched square in the face by a bartender (who sorta looks like Evil Dead–era actor Bruce Campbell) right after that bartender won the first-ever Iron Bartender competition, which was sorta like the Iron Chef TV show, except the theme ingredient was absinthe instead of carrots and one of the judges started acting more and more like Paula Abdul as the competition went on and more drinks had to be oh-so-carefully taste tested? Well, have you? Me neither! recommended

Mike says, "I hate to advocate the use of booze, harsh chemicals, and violence—but they've always worked for me." And with that, he was crowned the new reigning Iron Bartender champ. Special thanks to Carl at Tigertail in Ballard, who hopes to make Iron Bartender a regular event on the third Sunday of every month. You can read even more about it HERE, on the drinky blog of A.J. Rathbun, author of drinky cocktail bible Good Spirits.