Kelly O

Can someone please, please, pretty please explain the Mardi Gras phenomenon to me? I mean, sure, if we lived in New Orleans, I could see why we'd be compelled to celebrate. But we don't. We live in Seattle. SEE-AT-TULL. Look at a map. We're really nowhere near Louisiana, Rio de Janeiro, or France. Not even CLOSE. I don't want to be a hater—and it's not my place to judge—but Christ on a cracker, I need to know why this [pictured] always happens. Every February, like clockwork. I'll just be walking down the street, and suddenly someone's mom, grandmom, or auntie will put one of these [pictured] right in my eye! And you know what? Some things just shouldn't go in your eye. I dare say, it's even dangerous. recommended

Molly says, "Does that camera have a wide-angle lens?" She will receive one DOTW T-shirt.

UPDATE. I changed my mind. After going to the Erotic Ball at Trinity on Tuesday, where I was mooned about 50 more times, I now think any holiday where people run around almost naked all night, then everyone gets laid, well shit, it's alright by me. Check out the photos HERE.