Kelly O

So there we were Saturday night, suckin' down shots of Jäger by the fake fire at Goofy's Sports Bar. You kind of need at least three or four Jägey-bombs to summon the proper courage to walk into Centerfolds next door. Did you know that Centerfolds is the oldest male strip club in Seattle? Shit, it's the ONLY male strip club in Seattle. Ladies only, baby. I wish I could have taken a picture of us stumbling in and immediately getting yelled at for moving our table too close to the stage. And I wish I could show you what a girl looks like getting a lap dance while lying spread-eagle on a table and clutching a bag of fast food. Ooh, and I wish I had a snapshot of the look on Tara's face when Rasta-stripper-man's fake-dread wig almost flew off when he was spinning on the pole. Sigh. No cameras, though. I guess what happens at the 'Fold, stays at the 'Fold. recommended

Tara said on Sunday, "I can't shake the images from my head!" Um, you're welcome. And forever-memories!