Kelly O

While some people can't stop talking about the 2012 Olympics—what a good-looking airhead swimmer Ryan Lochte is, how many dozens of medals Michael Phelps has, and/or that terrible commercial with the gymnast monkey that aired right after young African American Gabby Douglas won a gold medal—many people are still talking about athlete Harriet Mary Stevens Howes (pictured, left). She came all the way from London, England, to get her hair cut at the Ballard Rudy's and then compete in the 2012 Pizza Fest pizza-eating contest. She's smiling in this picture, just minutes after she won by taking down one large Big Mario's cheese pizza (including crust) in under eight minutes—but in less than a half an hour, she'll barf the whole thing up, with the aid of some warm beer, in the Funhouse toilet. Whatta champ! recommended