Kelly O

Back in the 1800s, Pioneer Square was the heart of Seattle. Yesler Way, originally known as Mill Street, then later as Skid Row, was the main east-west street, dividing the neighborhood, then called "the Deadline," "Maynardtown," "the Lava Beds," "the Tenderloin," and/or "Wappyville" (after an especially corrupt police officer). The area was famous for its gambling, brothels, and superstar madams. But all this has changed in the 21st century. Now, Pioneer Square is full of restaurants, tourists, and nightclubs. And it's THE PLACE—I'm just gonna say it—it's the best go-to place to GET LAID. If that's what your goal is, cut your losses drinking in other neighborhoods and just get thyself to the Square at 1:00 a.m. I've never seen so many couples pouring into cabs—stumbling away, clothes already falling off in a trail behind them. I daresay getting laid there is easy. It's nice to know some things still are. recommended

*Jim (pictured at the top) isn't actually drunk. He was Designated Driver of the Week. We were drunk and didn't find this out until later. Jim's shirt is from