Kelly O

My favorite Halloween is still the time my parents organized a holiday hayride. My dad drove, eventually pretending to break down in a cemetery, where he made a bunch of kids get off the hay wagon so that he could "fix it." That's when I noticed Mom's car. Suddenly, there were a bunch of bedsheet-ghosts "WOOO-ing," rising up from behind old gravestones. Kids ran everywhere, screaming in terror. This made my mom, clearly visible under the sheet, start laughing so hard that she fell down. She and two of my aunties, fellow ghosts, were drunk as skunks. One kid started crying. This made one of the ghosts pee her pants laughing. Then the first pee-letting started a chain reaction, and all three ghosts peed their pants. Hoo, it was quite the scene. I learned everything I know about having fun from those piss-pants ghosts. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! recommended