"Q" the Barbecue Man
Q is the Patron Saint of the Hungry Drunk. Seeing him and his smoky trailer outside of your favorite bar is like seeing an angel in an apron. I mean, even drunk people want more than a nasty-ass hot dog, or a bag full of gut-wrenching Jack in the Box at 2:00 in the morning. And Q's got it--serving up some of the tastiest chicken and ribs in all of Seattle. (He usually also has a mess of collard greens or jalapeño-spiked potato salad for the discriminating vegetarian boozers.) Q can also sing just like Prince, and if you're one of the ladies, you won't need a napkin, 'cause Q will lick the barbecue sauce right off your face.

We love you Q! As Drunk of the Week, Q will receive a "Drunk of the Week" T-shirt and 10 dollars to put toward more collard greens. KELLY O