Kelly O

Is Santarchy—the annual noon-to-midnight bar crawl where over a thousand boozed-up Santas and self-proclaimed Santa "Hos" flood the streets armed with crappy Christmas carols, megaphones, Hula-hoops, and handmade signs—a fun and festive way to celebrate the upcoming holiday? Or is it a slightly terrifying parade of assholes who don't tip their bartenders and act like aging frat boys and girls on an MTV Spring Break–style path of overconsumption and self-destruction? It is not for me to judge. I can say that when I asked this Santa and Santa-Ho—who I ran into at the Hurricane Cafe, playing Silent Scope EX (an arcade game that puts the player in the shoes of a sniper during a series of terrorist attacks)—what they'd been drinking, they replied, "Liquid acid." Ho ho WHOA. recommended