Kelly O

I was prepared to eat lots of $2 corn dogs and tater tots, then wash 'em down with lots of $2 wells at the brand-new monthly night "Snackhole" at the Wildrose. And seeing as how it's billed as "a fast-food carnival + cooking show with live bands," well, I was prepared to have to smell some Spam, possibly get hit in the head with some marshmallow fluff, or maybe even slip and fall on some ketchup on the dance floor. I can hang—I was ready for it. What I WASN'T ready for—and no amount of $2 vodkas could prepare me—was Phoebe Fondue's attempts to get me to try this snack (pictured). Nope. No amount of booze is gonna get me to put that thing in my mouth. Not in a million-trillion-gazillion years. recommended