From: Todd
Subject: hi kelly oneal
Date: June 26, 2010, 2:46:07 AM PDT


my freind sent me your detroit story. ha ha ha!!!!!! you forgot about the part wear you'd haf take me with you to Little joes in Warren to buy mass chronic! i'd go because you were scared of joes pit bulls. do u remember me? I found yer thing on facebook - you lookin good girl!!!!!! why u don't friend me! it's todd. remember the time we went to harpos to see Pantera? you so drunk that I had to pull over on 1-90 so you could pee and cops came, and you jumped in the car with yer pants around your anlkes? u crazy bitch!! put that in yor detroit story. I live in you should email me, ok. i live in Ypsilanti now. will you marry me? recommended