kelly o

Once upon a time, there were three Santas named ______________, ______________, and ______________. After working many, many long days and nights making lots and lots of ______________ for Christmas, they decided they should go meet some of the other hundreds of Santas who were running around______________ and ______________ as part of this new ______________ yearly tradition, simply known as "Santarchy." The three Santas drank too many ______________, and this made them hot and ______________. They had to take off most of their clothes. When Mrs. Claus called, one of the Santas grabbed the phone and told her to ______________ and ______________!!! One of the Santas jumped in a taxicab. The other two Santas, well, as soon as his ______________ touched his ______________, they fell in love. They would ______________ each other ______________ times a day until next Christmas when they had to make lots of ______________ to give to all the GOOD boys and girls.