Kelly O

Do know what happens when a drag queen stands around ALL DAY in the burning-hot sun, then goes and stands around ALL NIGHT in an even hotter nightclub? That's right, SHE MELTS. She slowly but surely melts into an ooey-gooey Maybelline-scented puddle on the floor—a Technicolor puddle that dozens of lesbian Tevas, and THOUSANDS of gay designer flip-flops will slosh through until she's all but gone from this world. It's a terrifying sight. And if fossil-fuel usage and global-warming trends don't slow SOON, millions more will melt just like Jenny.

Jenny's last words were "Wanna see the John Waters autograph on my ass?" It's not just an autograph; it's a tattoo - a crazy mo-fo of a tattoo that you can CLICK HERE TO SEE.