Girls are tough. Finding a best girlfriend is even tougher. A best girl is one who will always lend an ear, make you soup when you're sick, and tell you your butt really does look big in those jeans. Um, she'll always get your back if another girl is shit-talking, go get her old crutches for you if you choke on a Jell-O shot and blow your back out, and never EVER fuck your ex-boyfriend. A best girl should, most importantly, just laugh if you ever flip on the lights when she's passed-out cold with a belly full of tequila and you violently, drunkenly dry hump the shit out of her in front of a whole bunch of people. If you find a girl who will let you do that, hold on to her forever. recommended

April says, "Ima ritch around and wrench it off!" Uh, okaaay. Happy birthday to Katie, and both will receive DOTW T-shirts.