aybe I'm extra paranoid after last week's floating tray of Jäger shots, but man, could that be a ghost over Molly's shoulder? Or as the paranormals like to say, an "orb"? This photo was taken outside a party in Georgetown. Georgetown is pretty creepy at night. Ooh, and it has at least two notoriously "haunted" spots: the Georgetown Castle (or Gessner Residence) where a ghost named Sarah eternally wanders around, probably still really frickin' ticked off that a lover killed her baby and buried it under the porch, and the old Country Inn Roadhouse, where the ghost of a man wearing a white apron has purportedly been seen, along with a prostitute who likes to lean out of a second-floor window.

Molly says, "Fuck you, Seattle, I'm moving to Portland!" Let's hope you didn't take that floaty thing with you.