Kelly O

Gonna go drinkin' under the blazing sun in the streets of Austin, Texas? Don't forget to bring these important essentials:

(1) sunscreen (2) comfortable shoes (3) acid (4) your white tote bag, so you can fill it with extra water and three more 40s of St. Ides, (5) extra shorts, in case the cops stop you for indecent exposure, because, well, that Ed Hardy knockoff thong bikini doesn't have much coverage, and (6) those free Ray-Ban sunglasses and orange and green squirt guns they were giving away the day before—especially the squirt gun, 'cause, man, you love squirting those "tourist fuckers" with warm beer (or was it pee?). recommended

UPDATE: Read lots more about SXSW, by Grant Brissey, HERE. You can also check out a slideshow of more of my photos right HERE.