I could NOT believe my eyes when I stumbled into the first-ever Seattle edition of San Francisco club night Bearracuda at Chop Suey on Saturday. Who knew there were so many Santas-in-training? It was an OCEAN of beards. Gigantic, healthy beards, the likes of which I've never seen. And the bellies—ho ho! It was a like a belly-off contest. I'm not quite sure how Mr. Claus created such an organized and powerful army of doppelgängers. (Or why so many of them wore black leather harnesses instead of red? Or even what a free massage table had to do with anything?) But one thing WAS clear—Santa really enjoys the company of other Santas. A LOT. Makes me wonder if "Mrs. Claus" is just a lie made up by my parents. recommended

Santa John (pictured) says, "Beary Christmas!" Kelly O says, "Happy Holidays John and Mike!" Find pictures of the Santas and more info at