Kelly O

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Tuesday is Booze Day at Lowell's in Pike Place Market, which is also where the Secret Society of Pike Place Employees™ drinks the tourists away after a long day of fish slinging and produce pimping. Regular folks also drink at the cozy second-floor bar, where, if you somehow get bored with the picture-postcard view of the Olympics and Puget Sound, you can sit in a booth and watch the Foreigners on Parade in the market below. Candace, a Pike Place "honey girl," met Jeff, a Pike Place "fish boy," at Lowell's, and now, it seems, it's champagne wishes and caviar dreams for the couple. Or maybe it's just Pabst in a can and cheap champagne right out of the bottle? Either way, there's some old-Seattle magic in that bar. Hoo, if these walls could talk!

Candace says, "Wait, is it trashy to say we met in a bar?" They will receive two DOTW T-shirts. recommended